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What type of baldness do you have?

¿Qué tipo de calvicie tienes?
¿Qué tipo de calvicie tienes?

Would you like an evaluation?
It's totallFree Cost when doing it online

Selecciona una opción


About the use of your photographs. They will be reviewed only by the Plastic Surgeon, there will be no misuse. You can read the Privacy Notice on our hair.c page. We can usually review your shipment and provide a rough assessment within 1-2 business days.

We will let you know:
If you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery.
If your goals are real.
An estimate of the number of grafts needed to achieve your goals.
An estimate of the cost of the procedure.
Send us your photos To help us provide a rough estimate, we ask that you send us your contact information, transplant history, and images of your hair loss and donor area.

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